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The sales department is composed by our sales representatives, as well as a network of international agents that are responsible to internationalize our products. Our sales representatives are responsible for presenting our products and advising customers for the different tailor made projects, thus ensuring the viability of it with the help of the technical team. The sales department is responsible for preparing budgets and informs the technical team of the customer’s wishes as accurately as possible.


The marketing department is responsible for communication between the company and the outside world. That is why they use different social networks, advertising campaigns of all kinds (mailing, merchandising and advertising in specialized media, studied carefully by the department...) and the CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Furthermore, this department uses the most advanced tools to offer our clients customized 3D simulations for their projects.


The purchasing department studies the market of the different collaborators that will be indirectly involved in the creation of our products.
Sellers of electronic components.
Manufacturers and sellers of basic components such as cables, connectors, enclosures, optics...
Manufacturers of Printed Circuit Boards.
Workshops of aluminum, plastic, locksmiths...
The purchasing department has the responsibility to get the necessary parts from our collaborators for the design of our products and negotiate prices for the acquisition of the various parts. Another responsibility of the purchasing department is to ensure that all parties respect the European safety standards and quality goals of our products.


The R+D department is responsible for creating the electronic circuits of our products.
Creation of the electronic diagram
The design of the electronic circuit
Generate necessary "Gerber" files for the manufacture of the Printed Board Circuits
Defining the choise of the lens of filters required
Writing the software for the lighting control
Programming of assembly robots for the workshop
Prepare the technical documentation of our products
Perform product testing
Always making sure they adhere to European safety and electromagnetic compatibility (93/68/CEE, 2006/95/CE i 2004/108/CE).


The structure and product department creates the designs of the products required for the projects.The different parts that build the product design are:
Choose materials and technology used.
Preparation of the plans that are required for the manufacturing of the parts
Ensure the robustness according to the weight and size of the product
Designate the structure or anchor points of the product
Creation of the documentation for the assembly of the parts
Creation of the technical documentation
The product department is responsible for preparing all the necessary documentation to comply with the Directives 2001/95 / EC of the European Parliament on the general product safety.


Electronic Assembly Workshop
The electronic assembly workshop is where the electronic components are placed to the Printed Circuit Board. For this process, printing machines are used such as a Pick & Place and a reflow oven. The operation of the machines as well as the assembly process is described later in this document. The department of electronic assembly is also responsible of ensuring a smooth operation of the plates. The tests performed are divided in two parts: a first visual inspection to determine if all the components have been placed correctly, and finally, a functionality test to determine if the board functions properly as stipulated for the Electronic Design Department.


Assembly Line
The assembly line will receive from our European collaborators all the necessary components for the construction of a product, matching our plans in addition to the electronic boards made at the electronic workshop.
It then performs the assembly of all parties to deliver a product and thus be marketed.
This department also has the responsibility to verify whether the product meets the requirements regarding the mechanical resistance and impermeability. It is used for this test, as well as weather tests in extreme temperatures and humidity.


ARCH has already sold in over 35 countries. Logistics experience by truck, plane or boat is a priority. We have experience in the packaging of the goods in the transport documentation, insurance, etc ... our logistics services will also help you for the clearance of the goods on arrival in your country.
Our services are fully informed of the different Incoterms, do not hesitate to ask.
The same quality of treatment is used for spare parts for the technical service.
Ask for our transport offer.


A strong point of its three operating bases in Belgium, Andorra and Dubai, ARCH provides a perfect after sales service to its customers.
Some maintenance services are online or on-site.
Spare parts are stored at the request for a period of 10 years.
Premium care maintenance contracts, extended warranty guarantee or single are available, service and proximity are probably the key points in ARCH.
A hotline is also available for guests.
We speak more than 10 languages in-house.
ARCH quality and trust first.


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