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Some projects take time to exist, product technical choices, solutions and implementation are sometimes difficult to plan.
Our expertise in international large-scale projects with often significant technical challenges, allowed us to gain this experience over the years.
It is this experience we want to share with you to optimize the quality, the ease, and the cost of your technical installations if they are both in dynamic lighting or in LED screen.
Our technical service will be at your side to advise you, guide you and help you make your project a reality.
The Consultancy Service is an open service for our customers and helps you realize and put into life your various installations.
Our Consultancy Service is also in contact with light designers and video engineers worldwide because the artistic side of your installation should not be taken lightly.
ARCH, we are at your side from the first moments of your project and much more...


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If you already own ARCH equipment, and have a question or an issue, please contact us to the technical support department:







- 24 months warranty

- Reliability rate of between 3 and 4 sigmas

- 3% of Spare parts



It has never been done before”. Then it is for ARCH.  Our engineers have been working on fooling solutions to answering special needs, for the past 10 years. We will be aside you, to achieve your challenges.



ARCH will provide you with the best displays or lighting solutions, but will also give you the full support from his team, so that it perfectly fits with your building or on site specification. ARCH will provide you with all plans and structure design, in line with your building design goals.



Every project will be handled by ARCH with an on-site project manager and in-house project manager, so that you benefit from an efficient organization. The in house project manager will make sure that everything is ready for shipment, installation and commissioning. These are the responsibilities on site, of the external project managers.

This way, everything will be checked in details, so that the time line and the ARCH quality standards are respected.



Our climate chambers will give a hard life to our products: high temperatures differences, cold and hot, wind, humidity salt testing… We will make surethat our equipment is ready for the most severe climate conditions.  Our control quality process will guaranty this way the best reliability.

Each square meter, each module manufactured at our European facilities is 100% thoroughly tested before it leaves the factory.



With our worldwide project management, installation and service crew, we guarantee a smooth and a perfect installation. With thousands of installations, we have the expertise to deliver solutions and take full ownership without any setbacks.






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