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Think big, think with ARCH, we manufacture in our factory in Andorra, we have delivered and installed a large LED display for the the mall "The Avenues" in Kuwait, this large led display offers a nice design and it's also a very big technical performance.

We develop this with the ALS5S, 1500 Boxes completely positioned in our 3D curve and create a giant half ball to promote the main entrance of the mall!


Arch.eu installs a large double side LED screen in Velizy2, the fantastic shopping Mall of UNIBAIL-RODAMCO-WESTFIELD.

It's the second IDS rotative screen which is installed inside the mall, the new one takes place inside the new food zone named Spring Vélizy.

The impressive architecture of the entrance welcomes the visitors, congratulations to whole team for this performance...

Respect of the Architecture and media façade integration design in Hesperange Luxembourg for this ARCH performance!

ARCH and TECH-IT PSF, now named CTG, install a nice LED DISPLAY and impressive LED STRIPS on the façade of this building to create a real magical effect...

One of the strong of ARCH is it's flexibility to cooperate with each working team actor of integration project.



The ARCH team installs a nice kinetic installation in the Shopping mall "La coupole des Halles" in Nimes France

Tree LED screens Robots synchronized with their own content, catch all the visitors eyes and interest.

Two additional ARCH ALSi4 LED displays installed on the escalators, completed by the two logos of the mall dynamized by the Solopix led Pixels.



Complete refurbishing of the CELIO store in Champs Elysées, Paris. Celio choose the ARCH technology to insure the creative result expected by the creative team of ADMEMORI, Five screens create the dynamic of the digitalized façade, dynamic and innovative this installation attract the people inside the shop who is complete renew in a POP UP store style. The ALSi4 High Brightness was the right product for this installation, the brightness performance insure the result in the sunny environment.

ARCH proceed to the manufacturing of a large and creative project, probably the biggest mirror ball in the world, but also a large retailtainment display inside the Avenues Mall in Kuwait for the Phase 4 of this project. 1397 faces of mirror effect with behind an ARCH led module ALSi7 High Brightness, every box is independent and placed in the curve to create a huge mirror ball, so big that the escalator can cross the installation. The target was to create the product itself, but also create the software, to align every box and insure the content playing in the good way.

Mall of Switzerland a project of Augmented Reality

ARCH.eu implemented this November in the Mall of Switzerland, in Lucerne, a project developed with Augmented Reality in cooperation with ADMEMORI digital designer.

Creativity, technical excellence, very exigeant installation, this is the perfect mix for an impressive visual impact.

The highest glass tower of the largest spa center in Europe located in Andorra la Vella, CALDEA is now becoming the main lighting impact in the city center, is at 80m high, 13 edges, 360 strips high brightness of 2m, 360.000 Leds Smd RGB, full video control this is an amazing visual attraction.

One more installation, thinking, developing, manufactured and installed by the ARCH team.

#proudofarchteam #madebyarch

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