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ARCH installs two screens in the new BODUM shop de la toison d’or in Brussels. These two screens are placed indoors, one of them in the back area of the shop this screen has been executed with the ALSi 4 Black. The window display one is a 3 meter high and 6 meter long screen with a 90º curve perfectly embracing the front of the building. Executed with the ALSi 10 High Bright, this indoor screen has a brightness of more than 5.000 Nits cd/m2 thus enhancing its visibility during the day for passersby.

These ARCH screens have been chosen for their technicality and their reliability. They are equipped with the already mentioned PCS solution. This solution brings a particular perfect cooling and specially, does not create any addition of heat in the shop, the whole in complete silence, which is a considerable comfort in a shopping space.





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