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ARCH supports 20 years old national skier Joan Verdú, who has won the Giant Panorama (Canada) and became the first Andorran in history to win a Test of Nor-Am Cup, the equivalent of the cup of Europe but in North America.

The FAE skier (Andorran Ski Federation) advantaged by 0.62 seconds his adversary, the Canadian Morgan Megarry and wrote his name in the pages of sport history of Andorra.

Beyond the victory, which is unprecedented in the national skiing, Verdú has achieved an amazing FIS score, of 6.40 points, the best ever achieved by an Andorran skier and establishes himself at the level of all participants.

ARCH is proud to say that Verdú, in this early season, has already reduced times in all disciplines and his peak performances are very promising and the sky is his limit.






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