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Al Hikma ARCH



ARCH « Always bigger, always higher »
ARCH has installed two giant LED screens in the middle of Dubai.
The chosen site is one of the best possible, located in front of the famous Burj Khalifa, the highest building in the world located in downtown Dubai.
The screens installed by the technicians from ARCH can be admired by all visitors to the prestigious site. The building called AL Hikma Tower is adorned with two magnificent creative LED screens of more than 1000sqm with a very specific form.
Screens are placed at a height of 250 meters and are 50 meters high, work that could scare anyone.
ARCHTechnicians worked more than 2.000 hours on the site, with a heat of more than 45° for the project; height technical problems are no problem for our technicians who love their job and are very proud of the installations they realize. To this, is added obvious experience of our team in this type of projects.
The customer is none other than the largest Chinese construction companies, which did not hesitate to choose the European quality from ARCH for this achievement.
ARCH has once again confirmed its position in the complex market and international fixed and tailor-made installations...


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