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The Andorran pilot Cristian España, sponsored by ARCH, has completed its first Dakar. The Dakar 2017 is the toughest rally in the world and he has managed to finish this adventure and goal in position 21. Bravo!

ARCH is art, technology, leds, lighting and betting on sports, performance and challenges. It is in this context that we are satisfied to have helped to realize the dream of Cristian.

Congratulations champion!








Wolters Kluwer France (WKF), subsidiary french of a nederland publishing and professional information group Wolters Kluwer, multi-media editor for legal professionals.

The company goes further in its digitization by installing on the facade of its Parisian headquarters, located just next to the gate of St Ouen, a digital sign of the latest technology.

With a length of nearly 20 meters and a height of nearly 4 meters, it has positioned itself on the facade of the company building, enthroning as the first sign of the Parisian ring road, it imposes by its format and its perfect integration.

For more than two years, the teams of Wolters Kluwer fought to obtain the permissions and thus activate all the green lights to ensure the installation.

The solution proposed by ARCH-Ledolia partnership, has been retained as the most efficient and affordable technical offer, the creativity of the engineers team has succeeded in betting a suspended sign with a minimum weight and a thickness so low that imagine a digital poster applied on the facade.

The installation took place in just one day, the road bonds on Fructidor Street did not allow any timing overshoot.
It is done, we will never again pass on the Parisian ring road without thinking about ARCH

Design: www.ARCH.eu

Product: ALS 10S

Definition: 1920 X 384 pixels

Thickness: 9cm

Metallic structure: ARCH.eu








On Tuesday 8th November, at the Pyramide Inversée square, the Managing Director of Unibail-Rodamco Christophe Cuvillier has inaugurated the new Carrousel du Louvre, in the presence of the mayor of Paris 1st arrondissement, Jean-François Legaret, and Jean-Michel Wilmotte, Project designer.

The spectacular facade designed by the Wilmotte & Associés agency defines the new signature and image of the Carrousel du Louvre. This renovated space is presented as a space directly attached to the Louvre Museum, as a "preamble" of the collections presented. The best works and icons of the Louvre Museum are represented and reproduced under perforated metal plates, so receiving visitors from the subway corridors to some galleries. The France avenue offers an anamorphism of the ornamental canopy of the Louvre Museum great gallery.

At the main entrance, we can discover a new generation digital artwork, an LED screen designed and manufactured by ARCH, developed to fit perfectly into the demanding environment of a historic building and created according to the shape of the window arch, this was realized under the technology ALSi 4 black LED, this concept has needed months of work of the ARCH engineers. Manufactured entirely in the ANDORRA ARCH factory, this reference represents a quality guarantee and demonstrates the level of confidence that customers, architects, designers and prescribers can put in ARCH products.

Size: 4 m wide and 9 m high

Specificity: tailor made curved to modeles at the top of the screen

Management contents: Tecsoft

Design, manufacture and installation: www.ARCH.eu







LED screen in Louvre Museum



ARCH is Art, Creativity, Lighting and Technology in the Louvre Museum. Tailor-made LED screen over 30 m2 with modules courved exclusively designed, manufactured, built and deployed by ARCH for Louvre Museum. Made in Europe for Europe. Affordable, Creative, LED Screen, Lighting, Manufacturer, Custom and Tailor Made.






The Tailor Made is the expertise of ARCH, indeed we have manufactured a tailor made project for the very well known Middle East and internationally integrator. 600 pixels of brightness with 500mm Cubic, individually controlled create very dynamic effects on the sealing of the shopping mall. Tailor Made - AFFORDABLE - leds





firebrigade01 firebrigade02




Select best location well-known in Doha the Oriental Pearl restaurant has equipped it-self with a 5,76m x 4,48m (25,8m²) screen placed on the roof of the building, it is visible by all the customers of the restaurant, so it guaranties the retransmission of the football matches, any other important sports event and local or international concerts and shows. Manufactured in ALS 10S it has a brightness of 7500cd/m2 a pitch of 10mm black LED body. This screen is also equipped by the innovative PCS System who make the ARCH screens very useful in the high temperature environment.






ARCH installs a screen in the Doha train station; the ALSi 4 Black LED is the perfect quality screen for this purpose that has the dimensions of 4,56m x 2,4m (10,9m²). The resolution and quality offer a perfect result for this application.








ARCH installed an ALS 1575 screen on the roof of the Fire Department Services, this screen is visible from almost all Kuwait City, the quality and brightness of 9000 Nits makes it visible in full sunlight.



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