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ARCH supports 20 years old national skier Joan Verdú, who has won the Giant Panorama (Canada) and became the first Andorran in history to win a Test of Nor-Am Cup, the equivalent of the cup of Europe but in North America.

The FAE skier (Andorran Ski Federation) advantaged by 0.62 seconds his adversary, the Canadian Morgan Megarry and wrote his name in the pages of sport history of Andorra.

Beyond the victory, which is unprecedented in the national skiing, Verdú has achieved an amazing FIS score, of 6.40 points, the best ever achieved by an Andorran skier and establishes himself at the level of all participants.

ARCH is proud to say that Verdú, in this early season, has already reduced times in all disciplines and his peak performances are very promising and the sky is his limit.






La Meuse



A New project done at high altitude.

It is about installing a screen of 9sqm, on the outdoor terrace of a restaurant in the village of el Tarter.

The restaurant located at 1,700 meters above sea level, as well as offering traditional mountain views and climate, also has a large terrace, where every weekend après-ski parties are organized by Grandvalira. From 5 pm, the skier is offered the chance to enjoy the best house music with the best atmosphere and that's where ARCH comes in.

With the placement of the LED display, different opportunities of light and video performances are available, as well as providing weather information and services related to the ski resort. The screen is perfectly isolated, enduring the weather and running without any problems at low temperatures or heavy snow.

Equipped with ALS 10S modules, visibility and image color is perfect.



ARCH has supported the nº 115 pilot in this new Dakar edition, forced to abandon in the 10th stage the pilot Cristian España had the opportunity to live this first very good experience, postponed to next year!












ARCH installs two screens in the new BODUM shop de la toison d’or in Brussels. These two screens are placed indoors, one of them in the back area of the shop this screen has been executed with the ALSi 4 Black. The window display one is a 3 meter high and 6 meter long screen with a 90º curve perfectly embracing the front of the building. Executed with the ALSi 10 High Bright, this indoor screen has a brightness of more than 5.000 Nits cd/m2 thus enhancing its visibility during the day for passersby.

These ARCH screens have been chosen for their technicality and their reliability. They are equipped with the already mentioned PCS solution. This solution brings a particular perfect cooling and specially, does not create any addition of heat in the shop, the whole in complete silence, which is a considerable comfort in a shopping space.








ARCH installs a 16 meter long and 9 meter high screen in the heart of Brussels, at the “Place de Brouckère”.

The screen manufactured by ARCH is an ALS 10SFM solution, a 10mm smd allowing maintenance through the front of the panel, extremely light it benefits of the PCS (Passive Cooling System) exclusive to the ARCH screens. This very efficient technology optimizes the performance and decreases electrical consumption.

Placed more than 30 meters above the ground, the imposing screen has been installed in one whole piece, thanks to the support of an enormous crane arrived for the occasion.
The handling of this type of structure in an urban setting is very specific and needs of extremely professional teams.

Clear Channel will provide and ensure the running of the advertisement of the panel, which is the biggest outdoor digital panel of Belgium.





La Meuse



ARCH has set up a small led screen, an ALS 6S 6mm outdoor 7000 Nits to ensure the safety of a bridge crossing “la Meuse” in the French municipality of CHOOZ. This bridge having only one lane needed to ensure safety to users. The purpose of this facility is to broadcast in real time the camera filming video image on the other side of the bridge.






Abu Dhabi National Exposition Center

In the heart of the economical lung of Abu Dhabi stands the ADNEC, the largest exhibition center of Middle East with 133.000sqm entirely dedicated to the most successful exhibitions, conferences and events in the region. To date, the center hosts more than 327 events a year and welcomes 1.6 million visitors to the venue.
The facilities combine spectacular modern design with superior functionality. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and services including imaginative conferencing and on-site catering, ADNEC ensures the event stands out from the crowd.
This is where ARCH is right now achieving its last project.
Such a feat to perfectly integrate 5 large screens as an architectural AV solution of the building.
If you could see the stairs of the main hall, you could understand that our partner wanted to keep the harmony of the space. That is why we managed to adapt the initial solution as screens hanging in a banner way with a seamless symmetry around the scales.
The last 2 screens were supposed to be just one but it is when it comes to flexibility and reliability that ARCH outstands. By dividing the initial screen and by adapting ourselves to space constraints, we could reach our partner requirements in the most creative way.
A perfect example of why ARCH stands for Architecture.












Here we are! The 3rd edition of Vogue Fashion Experience in Dubai comes back to celebrate in style the most talented designers in the great Dubai Mall.
Located in the heart of the prestigious Downtown Dubai, 5.9 million sqft are exclusively dedicated to a passionate retail experience, the perfect place to welcome this event as capital of style in Middle East.
On October 29 and 30, 2015 the spotlight were turned on there, for a two-day happening with runways shows, lectures, cocktails and special events that have featured some of the leading names of the fashion world.
This is, for ARCH, a new chance to show to the world eyes its exclusive 170sqm ALSi 4 Catwalk application specially implemented 3 years ago by now.
While models will tread upon the platform in front of such personalities as Christian Louboutin, Silvia Venturini Fendi or Naomi Campbell amongst others, 9 sources of HD 1920 x 1080 will run in a dynamic way those different shapes and forms to in live broadcast the event and the tweets around the world.
Outstanding achievements for outstanding events. ARCH is the quality and trustful partner for any kind of project.




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