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Train Museum ARCH



ARCH, Belgian and proud of it!
ARCH has realized a creative display to the new Brussels Train Museum (Schaerbeek) Belgium.
Indeed, at the request of the company Inytium, which is the leading audiovisual integrator in this museum, ARCH has manufactured a screen in the shape of the map of Belgium.
Once again there is the strength of the teams ARCH, imagine, design, manufacture, install, it is every day that our teams are working on creative and original project...
Completely silent, having a thickness of 6 cm with modules with RAL color on request...



New offices



ARCH has opened its new offices in the beautiful and nice Andorra. These high quality offices, allow us to perform in a way, which excels the customer’s needs.
With the centralization of the Sales and Marketing department working closely with de R&D, the creativity and efficiency are guaranteed, providing unique tailor-made solutions.
Thanks to our latest acquisition, a great addition in our mechanical production process, we can work the aluminum in different shapes and ways for the structures that will be held with the solutions you have required.
And we don’t stop there; we have initiated another production line, which means that your tailor made solution will be produced faster, thanks to its affordability that you always thank.
So as you already know, and once again, we are being CREATIVE, EFFICIENT and AFFORDABLE!


Al Hikma ARCH



ARCH « Always bigger, always higher »
ARCH has installed two giant LED screens in the middle of Dubai.
The chosen site is one of the best possible, located in front of the famous Burj Khalifa, the highest building in the world located in downtown Dubai.
The screens installed by the technicians from ARCH can be admired by all visitors to the prestigious site. The building called AL Hikma Tower is adorned with two magnificent creative LED screens of more than 1000sqm with a very specific form.
Screens are placed at a height of 250 meters and are 50 meters high, work that could scare anyone.
ARCHTechnicians worked more than 2.000 hours on the site, with a heat of more than 45° for the project; height technical problems are no problem for our technicians who love their job and are very proud of the installations they realize. To this, is added obvious experience of our team in this type of projects.
The customer is none other than the largest Chinese construction companies, which did not hesitate to choose the European quality from ARCH for this achievement.
ARCH has once again confirmed its position in the complex market and international fixed and tailor-made installations...





We are proud to inform that ARCH has installed a huge LED screen inside the KPMG building in Luxembourg (Kirchberg). The well-known company, KPMG, a global network of professional firms providing Audit, Tax and Legal, Advisory and Accounting services transferred all of its offices and services into a new building with a quite exceptional style and design.
Looking in detail to the building, you will notice the perfectionism of the architects who have designed this whole building. This construction is a unique piece of technology with at its center an ARCH LED screen of 10m high by 4m wide positioned. The final customer chose ARCH ALSi 6 with impressive results even at a close distance. This installation is a concentration of technology “made by ARCH”!
The screen is used to broadcast information about KPMG as well also show news, tweets, Facebook posts, etc... This element is an interactive tool used daily by employees and visitors of the company.
A very important interactive factor to highlight is the Interactive motion management « motion gesture » system. With a simple wave of the hand all requested information that the visitor wants to see on the screen is called and shown. This technique will be present at several installations in the future. ARCH creativity, efficiency, and always being affordable, is what drives us!


Gantry ARCH



You will not pass through Dubai without thinking of ARCH! It is above of the largest highway in the world, the Sheikh Zayed Road, where ARCH has installed two huge screens, called the Golden Gate. Overlooking the six traffic lanes, the screens are more than 31 meters long and 3 meters high. The two giant screens created with ALS 10S have a brightness of 7250 Nits providing perfect readability and this without Air-Conditioning nor forced ventilation one of the most severe climate conditions in the world.
We are very proud to have worked with the company Hills Advertising, a well known and respected actor for its expertise in quality of the displays he uses.



Island ARCH



And here it is the LED screen ALS 7S of 30sqm that ARCH has just installed in the Middle East. Placed in one of the future and more exclusive shopping malls, this product is a clear example of a tropicalised screen that benefits from the PCS technology (Passive Cooling System), allowing the cooling of the screen without the usage of the classical Air Conditioning and also avoiding the infiltration of dust and humidity. The innovation is one of our mottos on the realization of our products!


Sportpaleis ARCH



The Sportpaleis of Antwerp, which receives many concerts (Lionel Richie, Cirque du Soleil, Neil Diamond ...) and sports performances of high level (Night of the Giants debuting as early 2015), has just acquired 300 ALSi Strip 960mm, designed and manufactured by ARCH combined with 300m that complement the 1000m already installed there 2 years. Now, viewers have the pleasure of being surrounded by a dynamic image, which combines and adapts onto many events of this flagship center of the show in Belgium.


Julia perfumery ARCH



With 72 facilities in Andorra and Spain, Perfumeries Júlia, leader in Andorra, have chosen ARCH to energize the image of its centers. The iconic perfume store of Andorra la Vella, has adopted the ARCH solution with ALSi 4 displays to ensure exceptional visibility, a very accessible image control so its customers can always have updated information and enjoy an attractive environment.


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