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Sportpaleis ARCH



The Sportpaleis of Antwerp, which receives many concerts (Lionel Richie, Cirque du Soleil, Neil Diamond ...) and sports performances of high level (Night of the Giants debuting as early 2015), has just acquired 300 ALSi Strip 960mm, designed and manufactured by ARCH combined with 300m that complement the 1000m already installed there 2 years. Now, viewers have the pleasure of being surrounded by a dynamic image, which combines and adapts onto many events of this flagship center of the show in Belgium.


Julia perfumery ARCH



With 72 facilities in Andorra and Spain, Perfumeries Júlia, leader in Andorra, have chosen ARCH to energize the image of its centers. The iconic perfume store of Andorra la Vella, has adopted the ARCH solution with ALSi 4 displays to ensure exceptional visibility, a very accessible image control so its customers can always have updated information and enjoy an attractive environment.


Highways ARCH



ARCH is also proud to announce its last installation in Lithuania of 12 outdoor screens for traffic information on their highways. ARCH and its partner in Lithuania have chosen the EFFICIENT ALS 10S solution composed by 10mm pixel pitch thanks to its automatic brightness sensor and efficiency even when facing hard weather. Do not hesitate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information.




ARCH installs a new ALS 10S screen in the heart of Brussels for advertising usage. The screen is installed on a very specific site where large quantities of people are able to see the content. ARCH also takes care of small surface installation and pushes the ARCH products on retail , signage, banners and screens.


Vogue ARCH



The shopping mall in Dubai hosted the VOGUE Fashion Experience for the second time on the Catwalk fully realized by ARCH. ARCH has installed an indoor ALSi 4 screen of 170sqm composed by modules of 4mm pixel pitch that covers the whole catwalk for the international known models who came to the VOGUE show as well as promote young designers’ newest designs. These screens are ruled through a very complex technique, with 9 sources of Full HD 1920 x 1080 knowing that the screens have different shapes and forms. The LED screens form a dynamic system allowing the broadcasting of the Tweets, live broadcasting and many other applications. ARCH is happy to share with you this big achievement. Having our office in Dubai and being dedicated present in the Middle East, close to our customers ARCH keeps building awesome installations that will be communicated in the following weeks.


ING building ARCH



2000sqm of LED display is now installed in the heart of Brussels. After years of development together with our customer, a big blue chip company, to build a solution answering to his dreams, ARCH won the biggest LED deal recently made in Belgium and this based on a brand new product in Dynamic Lighting Inytium. The special and exclusive video processing of the ARCH System has been the main strength of ARCH proposal. The installation contains 768 Powerstrips, each of them being composed of 12 LED Cree XML RGBWhite 4000ºK. The fantastic simplicity of use and the easiest way to drive and change content (video and architectural content) make it an incredible product for façades, architecture projects.... Imagine to try to get the same results by using the 72 DMX Universe, with all the complexity around it to manage...




ARCH installs an indoor screen inside a new pharmacy in Andorra la Vella, the ALSi 6 is chosen for its perfect integration in this brand-new property. Trough the customer advertising and communication, the product will be used to support dynamic communication.


Nancy ARCH



ARCH installs a CITY 8 screen at the centre of congress of Nancy, (France). The City ALS 10S, esthetic in form and finish, offer an exceptional video quality. A superb contrast, high refresh rate, which is ideal for this type of installation. This is an ideal product to ensure a new generation of urban marketing.


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