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Creativity, technical excellence, very exigeant installation, this is the perfect mix for an impressive visual impact.

The highest glass tower of the largest spa center in Europe located in Andorra la Vella, CALDEA is now becoming the main lighting impact in the city center, is at 80m high, 13 edges, 360 strips high brightness of 2m, 360.000 Leds Smd RGB, full video control this is an amazing visual attraction.

One more installation, thinking, developing, manufactured and installed by the ARCH team.

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AGORIA a personalized communication

The Belgian federation for the technology choose the quality of ARCH to equipped their lobby base in Brussels.


Creative, the screen placed in the lobby, is created from white screen technology and ALSi6, which allows a dynamic communication design outside of the common concepts that we can find.


ARCH also add two other screens in parking place to insure an individual welcome to every visitors.


Creativity first!!!




SOFTWARE innovation services

ARCH is moving ahead with software development that allows customers to control and optimize the use of their displays, even in configurations and extreme definitions.


ARCH continue to improve the software user friend day for strong and exigeant users, this is the target we have Multi zones, 4K definition, virtual reality, our limit is your target!!!!



DUBAI Sheik Zayed Road

ARCH.eu installs two giants display in the roof of thermal estate AZIZI building located in Zheik Zayed road Dubai.


Mainly use to promote the activities of the real estate division, AZIZI choose to install ALS10S who is the best seller of ARCH, 7500Cd/sqm completely equipped by the PCS system of ARCH, insure this installation will work in this difficult temperature environment without any air or forced air.



About us

ARCH is a European manufacturer of LED screen and lighting solutions. Quality and Reliability are the reasons why we decided to fully manufacture the products for our customers, in our factories of Europe, so that we can monitor and control quality. This is why we choose the best equipment and machines for our manufacturing lines. Our own Engineers and Designers constantly work to conceive new products, from the electronic side to the mechanic one through multifunctional teams, in the LED screen area as well as in the Dynamic Lighting one. They also upgrade our current ranges, so that the ARCH group always provides his customers with the best quality. We adapt to your needs and develop solution for your project Thanks to our organization, we are really able to provide our customers with an A-Z total solution, from the early conception to the installation. Therefore we are always present during the process to guarantee a smooth installation, with our teams and local partners. Our highly skilled expert teams of designers, project managers, supervisors, installation and commission engineers remain available and pleased to give you full support. We build and share time schedules, follow up reports, daily communication, with our customers, through a strong project management.


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Yes it's possible !!!

Create one LED screens and lighting factory in middle of Europe

ARCH.eu Do it!

Arch Factory

With 55 Employments created!
Thousands of square meters produced per year.

Real capacity of innovation 
  • Real capacity to answer customer and agent projects requirement.
  • Real capacity to create rugged and strong product
  • Real capacity to support partners before and after sale.
Led's grow together!
Our target? simple! Be or become the largest european production capacity for LED Screens and creative Lighting!

LED screens at  IMG Worlds of Adventure



Lighting and LED technology implemented by ARCH at IMG Worlds of Adventure, the first mega themed entertainment destination at Dubai (United Arab Emirates).


The park is divided into four "epic zones". Two of the four zones represent the global brands Cartoon Network and Marvel, while IMG Boulevard and Lost Valley - Dinosaur Adventure are original concepts created by the IMG Group.


With a capacity to welcome more than 20,000 people a day, IMG Worlds of Adventure is the largest temperature controlled entertainment destination in the world, so our LED screens are fully sealed, ideal for the world's most extreme climate zones. LED screens. Illumination. Entertainment. Tailor-made. ARCH

LED Impacts at the Rosny II Shopping Center


IDS france n

The major brans and attractions of Velizy II shopping center, located in Vélizy-Villacoublay (France), are already having adversiting impacts throught the latest LED technology made by ARCH.

Discover the latest brands, restaurants, cinemas, lighting, art, adversiting, future and technology throught LED screens by ARCH.

Velizy II is a modern French regional shopping center with more than 25 million visitors a year and 120 stores, one of the most beautiful European commercial projects based on American Models and last tendencies of European design. Europe. France. LED. Factory. Lighting. ARCH.

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