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Arch europe ledscreen manufacturer alsi

The ALSi Indoor SMD ARCH’s range is the ultimate experience in the LED sector. Designed with Black Body 3 in 1 SMD LED technology, this range offers an amazing contrast ratio and luminosity solutions for indoor applications. The PCS (Passive Cooling System) and the LPS (LED Pulsing System) provide the best performance, the lowest power consumption and a fully silent and environmentally friendly product.

All our products have a hight refresh rate of 4800Hz <

You can imagine all installation types : on round or curved surface, with front or rear maintenance for quick and easy interventions. ARCH is the specialist of fixing installation, indoor and on mesure.

A product for your project and not a project for our product !

The indoor ALSi range is now available the following possibilities :

ALSi 0,9 Miniled format 16/9
ALSi 1,8 Miniled format 16/9
ALSi 2,1 Miniled format 16/9
ALSi 2,7 Black LED format 1/1 Standard 2000Cd also with High Brightness 6000cd
ALSi 4    Black LED format 1/1 Standard 2000Cd also with High Brightness 6000cd
ALSi 6    Black LED format 1/1 Standard 2000Cd also with High Brightness 6000cd
ALSi 7    Black LED format 1/1 Standard 2000Cd also with High Brightness 6000cd


Publicity, Sport, Entertainement, Communication, Conferences, TV Studios, Decoration, Control rooms, Retail, Shopping centers, Augmented reality applications... 


Indoor utilisation, bright, slim, silent, ultra light, modular, design, robust, easy, compatible with the broadcast…



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