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Thanks to transformable LED, architects, designers and consultants are no longer limited to traditional fixed form LED displays but can create any shape they want. ARCH Solopix is an unique LED concept consisting of individually controllable, compact and high-quality LED pixel modules that can be placed at any distance. Combined with wide variety of mechanical structures and cabling, ARCH Solopix can be used into any shape you want.

From creative applications to ultra lightweight transparent facade led displays and meshes, ARCH Solopix is unique in all elements.

As the trend is to have bigger end bigger LED screens, ARCH Solopix is the ideal solution and this for night and overday view with having already screens with sizes of more than 1.000 sqm installed.

ARCH proposed LED solution is fully controlled by video so it can play direct content, pictures, live video without any delay and can also be used for outdoor lighting producing almost any desired light.



Indoor and outdoor, building, façades, bridges, meshes, ultra light weight concepts…


Each LED pixel can be controlled individually by a video source allowing the control of Solopix in an easy way. Product can be used for lighting or display applications producing a white balance going from 4.500K to 6.500K.



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