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Arch europe ledscreen manufacturer powerpix

Dare to innovate, dare to create, and test. This is our day to day at ARCH.

By creating an indoor ALSi White screen with white contrast, we did not think of such a success that this product would meet at the market.

Innovation, thats what its al about...

ARCH White LED screen with white contrast is highly appreciated by architects and interior designers. This type of screen is used to broadcast a video image of perfect quality while incorporating the screen in a white environment.

In general LED screens have a black face, which makes it sometimes difficult to insert the screen in a white or neutral atmosphere.

ARCH white products are available with Indoor in 4mm, 6 mm, 7. 5mm and 10 mm pixel pitch.



Advertising, sport, entertainment, presentation, conferences, TV studio, decoration, retail...


Indoor use, light, thin, silent, modular, bright, design, robust, easy, broadcast compatible...



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