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In ARCH creative range, we have any size of strips (ALS Strip) that can be used for showing lighting effects or video content. It’s the ultimate solution of having a perfect visibility taking a certain required transparency into account. This is what ARCH ALS Strip stands for. The LEDs are placed at any desired pixel pitch within a special designed ultra lightweight bar. The space between each bar will depend on the transparency and the brightness you want to reach. You may have an office window behind the installation; a building mesh or you just want to leave empty spaces as creative momentum. You decide the pitch, the space between the bars, the sizes of the bars… and we make the tailor made solution adapted to your wishes.

ARCH, as Innovative LED leader has at the moment a power LED that can be perfect seen overday keeping a transparency of 84% into account, ideal for building façade mesh.

Its all about Innovation.

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Polaroid ALS Strip3





A p p l i c a t i o n s 


Sport and live show sites, architecture, halls, flagship stores, media facades…



A d v a n t a g e s


Fully tailor made, versatile, bright, ultra lightweight, full transparency, lighting and video content...



ALS StripA

ALS StripB2

ALS StripC

ALS StripD





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