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ARCH screens, the reference in dynamic advertising!

Urban advertising is fast growing. Technically, economically and ecologically, our City products range will give you tomorrow’s solutions.

The remote management, the dynamic content, the quality and the brightness of our City screens are the main advantages of a promising product.

Whether you are already managing a traditional advertising network or you are starting a new activity in the dynamic advertising market we have different solutions in dynamic LED screens including the integration in your existing urban furniture. The quality and the design of our own furniture allow a perfect urban integration.

While conforming to the standards, our product and services will lead you to success. The return on investment is fast thanks to the creativity offered to the announcers.

Choosing ARCH City is forcing the success!


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patchwork polaroid CityB





A p p l i c a t i o n s 


Advertising, center mall, signboard, interactive panels, advertising event, urban event, security...




A d v a n t a g e s


Outdoor use, light, thin, bright, modern design, robust, easy to install...











pEasy to install

pWider angle




pLow consumption

pHigh refresh







Available in:

CITY 2 ( Pitch 4mm, 6mm) - 2 sqm
CITY 4 ( Pitch 6mm, 7mm, 10mm)- 4 sqm
CITY 6 ( Pitch 10mm, 13mm, 15mm)- 6 sqm
CITY 8 (Pitch 10mm, 13mm, 15mm)- 8 sqm
CITY 12 (Pitch 10mm, 13mm, 15mm)- 12 sqm