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ARCH, the reference of creative LED indoor & outdoor market!

ARCH indoor and outdoor semi-transparency screens allow the creativity and originality of the designers offering unlimited design possibilities for impactful shows.

Lightweight, they do not require complex rigging system and mounting system. "Plug & Play" facilitates and reduces installation time.

The design of our screens ensures low cost of handling and logistics.

Supplied in suitable flight cases, they are optimally protected during transportation.

With many references,worldwide and being visible on the biggest indoor and outdoor stages, around the world, ALS CX is recognized as one of the best creative LED product.

With only a few years Creative ended up on the biggest indoor and outdoor stages, around the world.

Its efficiency and video quality have surprised our clients. Day or night, the display enables use for all types of events.

Its handling remains a major advantage. Its low weight and mode of storage, bring great added value in terms of ease of assembly and logistics.

The ALS CX remains an affordable product in all its aspects.

When you chose ARCH ALS CX you made the right choice!



Video, lighting effects, background scene, giant screens, decoration, TV studios, Giant advertising, discotheques...


Indoor and outdoor, light, easy to install, easy to transport, bright, semi transparent, deliver on flight cases, silent, passive cooling, anti-flicking, no limits of dimension.


BRUSSELS Train Museum Belgium




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