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Components selection

ARCH uses the highest quality ranking components, and works close together with the worldwide recognized LED chip manufacturers. We always use the LEDs and components which will be the most efficient for the project of our client. Taking quality into account and this on every level of our component selection, ARCH stands for best in class components selections.






Controls and tests

ARCH quality and control dept has strict procedures in-house to 100% control and test all the products before they leave the factory. During the production process several qaukity steps and controls are applied in order to guarantee a perfect working LED system at any time.

Having our own climate chambers, every product gets thoroughly tested on the most severe climate conditions guaranteeing a perfect designed and made to work in the most extreme weather conditions.

Climate test chamber




ARCH key Differentiator! Its all about Innovation...



Passive cooling system



Having the latest technology on board, ARCH exclusive PCS (Passive Cooling Sytem) stads for.
Full sealed IP65, no need for Air-Conditioning nor forced ventilation, lighter design, ultraslim concept, lowest power consumption in the market and most silent (no noise).



led Contrast


Having all our products designed with smallest form factor LEDs with ultra black package, ARCH achieves the highest available contrasts in the market. Next to that we optimize the contrast further by the quality of the shader that we use. ARCH provides the best shader in deep black colour quality, with maximized density surface, including UV radiation protection, so that it resists to the sun’s highest decolouring impact. In addition, ARCH front surface is designed in such a way that you easily can replace the shader after a while, in order to get a brand new looking screen again.


Refreshing rate

led High refresh


Having a Refresh rate of more then 4.800Hz, ARCH screens provide a stunning looking video and picture at any time and this even for ultra fast video without scrolling, nor moiree effect, which is especially required for broadcasting.


Viewing angle

led Wider angle


Having the widest viewing angles in the market and this not only for indoor but also for ARCH outdoor products, ARCH sets the future in LED world.The success of ARCH into getting a wider viewing angle comes from the combination of different factors.

Selecting the highest ranking quality LED available in combination of the design of the shader allows a wider distribution of the LED light, and this on horizontal and vertical angle.

Another factor is the shape of the chosen LED specific based on the customer project, which enables a wider light scattering, for each LED. This is the FFF (form fill factor) from ARCH.



led 7000 nits


Having all LEDs individual calibrated at same brightness point ARCH guarantees a 100% uniform calibrated high brightness on the entire screen. While the LEDs are only used to 70% of its capacity in full white and full brightness, taking this safety factor into account, ARCH LED screens stand for uniform brightness all over the years and the LEDs optical characteristics last much longer.



led Light


Having the most lightweight, products on the market, ARCH products can be used for any application. Thanks to the ultra slim module concept, with no fans and special extruded ultra lightweight LED boxes. ARCH systems are recognised and awarded as the most lightweight LED soltuons.

In addition, ARCH modules do not need air-conditioning nor other forced ventilation cooling, nor separate cladding, which optimises the design and weight of the needed supporting structure.



led silent


Having no fans nor moving objects inside the LED modules, nor the needed for additional cooling thanks to ARCH exclusive PCS, ARCH prodcuts are ideal for areas like broadcastingmusea, and many other applications where there is often a requirement to lower the level of noise or have no noise.

With ARCH, we guarantee no noise at all.


Full IP65

led IP65


Having all our outdoor products FULL IP65 or IP68 Sealed, is a real differentiator in the market.

As most of the outdoor LED systems are only IP65 in the front and IP54 at the back, ARCH goes one step further and have the complete LED box IP65 sealed.

This guarantees at any time, no exposure to dust, humidity, salt and other severe climateconditions.

Having this concept on board, ARCH components are never affected to any severe intrusion and so guarantee an almost zero maintenance and repair and a much longer lifetime.



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